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Laptops For Teachers

by David Petty
Saturday June 1st, 2013

Not only is one man’s trash sometimes another man’s treasure, but one person’s old, unused, or broken laptop can be another’s key to education. Laptops For Teachers wants your old laptop; we will pick it up from you, wipe the information from it, repair it if necessary, and send you a check. Laptops For Teachers is the safe and environmentally friendly way to make good use of your old laptop that normally may have just ended up in a landfill.

The technological age changes, develops, and progresses daily. With the ever-changing industry, laptops become outdated, software begins to slow systems down, and newer models become more appealing. Laptops are a wonderful resource and are instrumental in the lives of many business professionals, teachers, and home users. However, because of their numerous small parts, tendency to overheat, fragile screens and prone-to-crash motherboards, laptops break often. Instead of throwing your old or out of date laptops away or allowing them to sit and collect dust, give us a call, earn a little money, and rest easy knowing that you’ve chosen an environmentally friendly method of disposal.


We all know that teachers, educators, and schools are always in need of resources to meet the demand of their numerous students. When schools and universities purchase a large quantity of laptops, they often experience the breakdown of the computers and before long there are more non-working models than fully functioning ones. It isn’t uncommon for unused laptops to be locked up but never used again.


Laptops For Teachers is the perfect solution; get rid of your old units and earn some money that can be used toward the purchase of newer models, hardware, or software. There are grants given yearly for the upgrading of computer systems for educational institutions. Sometimes the funds are allocated to replace old units, to acquire up-to-date software, or to replace slow or broken hardware. Whatever the case, Laptops For Teachers can make the necessary repairs and get them running like new, upgrade your software, or replace slow or broken hardware. If necessary, we can even wipe systems clean and allow a new years’ class of students to use high performance optimum running laptops. Make some money and help a teacher, with Laptops For Teachers.

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