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Securely Delete Hard Drive Data

by David Petty
Wednesday May 22nd, 2013

Securely Delete Hard Drive Data

Before selling your laptop or desktop PC it is is critical that you delete the data from your hard disks. This does not mean simply using the delete key on a file or clearing the Recycle bin... Even operating systems that have been formatted can still have artifacts of the files remaining.

You must also take into account that even if you are planning to give your laptop to a family member of friend that they too one day may dispose of this machine and not value their data as highly as you wouldld. Data belonging to yourself may still be located on a hard disk after several years of use and so you must permanently wipe the drive prior to disposing of it. Software tools such as CCleaner of DBAN (free to use) can wipe data from a hard disk prior to selling.

Alternatively we can do this for you when you sell your laptops to use. We use specialist data wiping tools as described above to permanently delete all sensitive data from your hard disk.

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